LSPweb is a web-based implementation of the LSP method for evaluation and comparison of complex systems. LSP method uses a soft computing evaluation logic to develop evaluation criteria that are fully compatible with observable properties of human evaluation reasoning.

For each evaluated system LSPweb is first used to compute an overall preference (suitability) score that reflects the degree of satisfaction of user requirements. LSPweb is then used to perform a cost/preference analysis that provides overall value indicators used for ranking of competitive systems. For each competitor, the overall value is computed by aggregating the overall preference score and the total cost. The best system is one that provides a winning combination of high suitability and high affordability.

LSPweb is the first missingness-tolerant aggregation system, capable to generate meaningful decision results even if input data are incomplete. In addition, the process of building complex criteria is enhanced by two types of sensitivity analyzers that can be used to validate decision models and reduce the cost of evaluation.

LSPweb supports five types of users: evaluator, analyst, administrator and two system users: root and service.
Evaluator can define competitive systems and evaluate those using available LSP criteria. Analyst can customize existing LSP criteria (change all parameters) and use modified criteria for evaluation and comparison of competitive systems. Administrators and system accounts can open and close user accounts, upload new LSP criteria, and perform evaluation.